day thirty-four (Sad Gal Riri)

I got a roomie today. She already wants to break her lease. She’s 20 and in school for business advertising (isn’t advertising, advertising…?) and she works at the mall. We met yesterday after I did my training shift because we were supposed to meet early in the day but I forgot. It sounded like she was desperate to find a place to move in to because of family issues, but now she’s regretting it because paying for a place means paying for a place. She signed her lease today and is going to ask for everything back tomorrow, if she has the balls to follow through. She said some slightly racist things about the roomlord, but I’m learning more and more that people here are only (airquotes) liberal.

I started doing car stuff today. It’s a whole list of things I need to do to become Californian. But I’m on it! The rest of this week is “Car Stuff Week;” next week, “Health Insurance Stuff Week;” next next week, “Dental Stuff Week;” next next next week, “Writing Stuff Week.” Actually, every week is writing stuff week. One of my professors sent me something to apply to at AWP so I might apply to that. It seems kind of lame, but why not. And there’s a Poynter thing I’d actually like to get, so, two things to apply to – one by Aug. 12 and one by Aug. 14. May de luck of de Irish be on me side.

People in my writing classes hated how often I started my sentences with “I.” How else do you write about the things you’ve done in a day? I. I I I I I. The best letter.


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