On Monday I got friendzoned by #teamqtdork and I’m cringe that the new boy at work actually recalled that he was “hashtag team qt dork.” I too willingly make a joke out of everything. I told #teamqtdork I didn’t want to be friends and cut off contact. I was actually a bit sad so I spent the day being emo and having friends roast the guy on my behalf. The support made me realize I could do better, so it was back to the wild, wild world of Tinder I went. My methodology for Tinder is lining hoes up in waves, then deleting the app when I have a solid bunch. We’re all Tinder hoes to each other until we’re not, so disregard all the boys that came before because the players are now #teamspoopy, #team2pretty, and #teamezra. We won’t go into details about them because it’s not that serious, but I met up with #teamspoopy on Friday night and had my first kiss outside a cemetery. My first kiss at 24!

It was another arbitrary goal I had set for myself – to do something weird and spoopy on Friday the 13th. So when #teamspoopy jokingly suggested we make out in a cemetery, I told him I was down. Whether or not he thought I was serious until the point in which he hopped the gate, I don’t know. We kissed outside the cemetery and then I felt brave enough to break in because, after all, it wasn’t about just kissing someone outside a cemetery. The point was to be in one. To walk where people were buried and pretend like spirits were all around, watching and judging and hexing us real good. So we broke in, walked around, and made out some more. For a first little fling it was chill, but when midnight hit, I went Cinderella mode and told him I was ready to go home.

The next day, I convened with my friends and coworkers to tell them what had happened. I like to gauge things based on a spectrum of opinions because I think it’s how I can best reach an objective conclusion, but opinions when it comes to matters of the heart don’t really mean anything. You just share and people listen and if you’re fucking up then your friends will try to lead you back to safer waters, but if you’re just messing around and doing things for laughs then what’s there to do but laugh and be in awe of how dumb and bold and young and stupid you are? It’s why I have the courage to go watch my friends play badminton in the middle of the night for no reason; why I pay $17 for coffee, pie, and mozzarella sticks at a diner in Loz Feliz; why I invited our lowkey fit, highkey yuppie of a neighbor #teamcorgi to go to the beach with my roomie and I today.

I kind of get the hype behind the normalcy of daily work. It grounds you to a routine. This week, I’ll stick to appreciating my money flow and focus on that aspect of my life. It’s good to have fun and experience things, the doing things simply because you want to do them is what makes existing worthwhile, but working hard for yourself is most important. Getting friendzoned made me realize that nobody can take away anything you work hard for. Instead of spiraling into self-doubt, I dusted rejection off and kept it moving. Not to mention some great volunteer opportunities that got sent my way, or the Yaeji concert I’ll be attending on Tuesday to write about. *casual flex*

Here’s to another good week.


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